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Bed bugs are many things — annoying, destructive, costly, irritating, creepy, and stealthy, to name a few – but they are also somewhat mythical in that there are many conflicting bed bug facts and theories on the best form of treatment for the bugs. Most bed bug myths have reasoning behind them, but you can’t believe everything you hear or read. We’re here to point out a few facts, so that you and your family can feel safer in your home.

Most people don’t realize that the bedbugs found today are much more resilient than the bed bugs found 50 years ago. Due to their adaptive nature, today’s bed bugs are actually immune to some of the chemical methods used in the past, such as DDT and the pyrethroid class of insecticides, due to the fact that the genes of these bed bugs have adapted and mutated so many times that they actually have a thick cuticle that can’t be penetrated by insecticides. Furthermore, the toxic insecticide is converted by the bugs’ high level of enzymes into a much less toxic substance, making bed bugs resistant to most at-home chemical treatments.

We are so confident in our approach to eliminating bed bugs that we are the only Michigan bed bug company to offer a 6-month warranty on all bed bug extermination services!

Fact #1: You cannot treat bed bugs with a freeze treatment

Some customers have asked whether we exterminate bed bugs with a heat treatment or a freeze treatment. If a pest control company tells you that they are using a freeze treatment, run far, far away! Like most insects, bed bugs are pre-adapted to surviving in cold conditions. The water in their cells is kept from bursting with the natural replacement of water with glycerol or ethylene glycol. A study from the University of Minnesota indicated that it would take four days at 0 degrees Celsius to kill bed bugs. That’s a long time to flash freeze your home! Heat treatments are the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs. However, it is not recommended that you try this yourself. Many frustrated victims of these bed bugs try to duplicate the work of a bed bug exterminator by purchasing a space heater or by using substances such as kerosene or alcohol to scare the bugs off. This is a huge fire and safety risk that could cost you a whole lot more than a good exterminator would! Certified pest control technicians use a mix of controlled heat and chemicals and technology not available to the general public to eradicate bed bugs.

Fact #2: You cannot get rid of bed bugs with treatment sold at stores such as Home Depot and Walmart!

Most over the counter bed bug removal products being advertised in stores such as Walmart or Home Depot contain pyrethroid as the insecticide. These at-home bed bug treatments are typically found in a powder or a spray form, with the listed insecticide containing the suffix “thrin”. This includes deltamethrin, cyfluthrin, bifenthrin, and permethrin, as well as esfenvalerate and fluvalinate, all of which do not affect bed bugs the way they used to. The at-home bed bug treatment products that do not fit into this category are simply taking advantage of a loophole in the EPA’s regulations by allowing products with certain active ingredients on their 25B list to market these over-the-counter bed bug treatments without any safety testing or justification for their claim that they get rid of the bed bugs for you. Bed bug exterminators (and pest control professionals in general) are required by law to have certain certifications and licenses. Thus, they have access to many bed bug solutions the general public could never simply purchase at a store. Unfortunately, many people who are trying to get rid of their bed bug problem at home waste time and money on these products, often allowing the bed bugs to spiral out of control, causing even more damage to their home and belongings. Suddenly, a problem that could have been solved for under $1000 has become a $5000 or $10000 problem due to the damage to furniture, clothing, and other belongings.

Fact #3: Bed Bug Treatment Will Require Two Weeks to Confirm Eradication

There is no concrete timeline of when you can call a bed bug treatment successful. Realistically, two weeks should be enough time to figure out whether or not your bed bug problem is gone. An overwhelming majority of the time, Hi-Tech Pest Control successfully kills the bed bugs on the first treatment; however, we always come back after two weeks to ensure that your home is bed bug free. Most of our competitors offer a 30-day warranty, but we know we’re better than that. We offer a six-month warranty! If you see a bed bug or a bed bug bite, we will come back out and fix the problem free of charge.

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We have been helping clients eliminate bed bugs throughout Michigan for over 30 years! Want to see what bed bugs look like? Check out our gallery.

Learn more about the evidence of bed bugs and landlord tenant considerations. Hi-Tech Pest Control has a wide variety of commercial Integrated Pest Management programs. We also offer residential IPM programs to fit your preventative needs. Call us at 248-569-8001 to start your Integrated Pest Management program today! From Pest Heat Treatments to Chemical Pest Treatments, we are your one-stop source for pest maintenance. Whether it crawls, flies, bites, or destroys — no matter how in-depth your pest problem is, Hi-Tech Pest Control can solve it! We pride ourselves on doing the jobs those other guys can’t do. Plus, with a 6-month money back guarantee and a free inspection, you have nothing to lose. Call Hi-Tech Pest Control today at 248-569-8001 to schedule your free bed bug inspection!

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