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Where do bed bug bite patterns appear? Bed bugs are attracted to heat, so it makes sense that the warmer areas of your body are much more susceptible to bed bug bites than cooler areas. Common locations for bed bug bites include the arms, the neck, and the face. Many women complain about bed bug bites on the stomach and underneath the breasts due to the high temperatures in those regions. Bed bug bites are not common on the legs, although it does occur from time to time. The location of your suspected bed bug bites can help positively identify a bed bug infestation.

People react differently to bedbug bites. For some people, the bedbug bites are not bothersome at all; for others, the bed bug bites are excruciatingly itchy and painful.

We are so confident in our approach to eliminating bed bugs that we are the only Michigan bed bug company to offer a 6-month warranty on all bed bug extermination services!

What do bed bug bites look like?

Most people experience bed bug bites during their sleep. Bed bug bites provide strong supporting evidence of a bed bug infestation, but the best indicator is actually finding and correctly identifying these sneaky pests. To understand how to correctly identify bed bug bites, we first have to look at the predictable feeding pattern of bed bugs and the results of the bed bugs’ bites.


What color are bed bug bites?

Like most insect bites, bed bug bites are typically red in color. Although they can appear blotchy and red, they are characterized by an intense red spot located in the middle of the bite. These bed bug bites look similar to mosquito bites but are much more painful and itchy. Bed bug bites also last much longer than mosquito bites or eczema.


Do bed bugs bite in patterns?

Bed bug bites are commonly mistaken for bites of other pests, such as ticks, mosquitoes, and chiggers, as well as for itchy skin conditions such as eczema. A dermatologist or an experienced pest control professional will be able to distinguish bed bug bites from others by the pattern in which they appear on the body. Commonly referred to as “breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” bed bug bites typically appear in clusters of three in a somewhat linear pattern. This is due to the travel patterns of bed bugs – bed bugs bite you as they are traveling to different locations on your body!

We have been helping clients eliminate bed bugs throughout Michigan for over 30 years! Want to see what bed bugs look like? Check out our gallery.

Are bed bug bites dangerous?

A number of adverse health effects may result from bed bug bites, including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. Seek immediate medical care if you experience these symptoms after experiencing a bed bug bite. Depending on the severity of the bed bug bites and your personal reaction to them, bed bug bites can be treated at home or simply by visiting your dermatologist or primary care doctor. Treating bed bug bites could be as simple as washing the affected area with soap and water; however, bed bug bite treatment can be as complex as having to get prescribed to an antihistamine or a steroid by a doctor.


Large Blisters


Irregular Heartbeat


Swollen Tongue


Difficulty Breathing




Infection From Scratching

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