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Bed Bug Inspections are very difficult and deserves a trained eye and a highly trained professional not only looking to get a positive identification, but to determined how and what needs to be treated. Be assured that each and very home is different and will take the best in the business to overcome clutter, heavy populations, numerous pieces of furniture, king sized beds, and other difficulties. A trained professional will look for insect bites, blood stains, fecal and regurgitated blood, molted skins, eggs, nymphs, and adults.


Bed Bug issues can start anywhere in the home and they are sometimes brought into the home on new and used furniture and can wind up anywhere in the home initially. That means all of the furniture that you sleep on and sit on should be inspected. Professionals will rely on there expertise and not just information from the occupants. Occupants will sometimes accuse one another when heaviest populations will be in the furniture that is occupied the most. Ambulatory humans that occupy hospital beds day and night will have the heaviest populations of bed bugs because the insects will have access to blood meals all day and night. Bed bugs will feed if anyone is on a bed, couch, recliner, or chair for 3 or more hours and they sense a build up of heat and carbon dioxide.


Once the home is inspected the professional will provide an estimated price based on items in the home and how many humans are in the home. Pricing is not based on square footage, it is important to take a look at the on and how it is furnished to come up with a plan that will completely eradicate all of the insects. If they are not removed completely it will probably take approximately 4 months to realize that you still have a bed bug issue.


HI-TECH PEST CONTROL specializes in bed bug infestations and deliver 100% bed bug removal at an affordable price. We take pride in salvaging all of your furniture and leaving you again with a clean pest free home that deserve. We do not fail and back our services up 100% with one in home treatment. If you have been abandoned by others call us today and live pest free tomorrow! (248) 569-8001.


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