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HI-TECH PEST CONTROL continues their amazing free inspections the first quarter of 2024. Our bed bug inspections will conclude how we remove bed bugs from all of the furniture of your homes and not just some for complete and full eradication of bed bugs. Our technicians are fully trained to identify bed bugs before we will consider bed bug treatments.


HI-TECH PEST  CONTROL will consult and educate the homeowner and occupants so that they are up to date with the latest information available. We take pride in removing all of the misrepresentation and false information that they may have received from friends and relatives or from the internet. 74% of all the information that you have read is misleading and false, we will retool your thinking so that you can make wise decisions moving forward.


HI-TECH PEST CONTROL is ready and eager to employ all of the HI-TECH PEST CONTROL methods needed to remove all of your bed bugs completely and return your home or business to you pest free. We take pride in saving and cleaning all of your furniture in the home or place of business without fail. Trust the ones with the proven track record and Call us Today (248) 569-8001.