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Bed Bugs take extreme temperatures like German Cockroaches but they prefer room temperatures just like humans. While they prefer heat they will survive below freezing temperatures. Because they are good survivors it takes 3 or 4 methods to completely eradicate bed bugs not just one. Heat alone may eradicate them in the first month but after one month and they will be impossible for homeowners to remove them.

Let’s face it bed bugs like warm environments and warm humans, lower your body temperature and bed bugs will have a difficult time finding you. In the Spring and Summer months they are more difficult to eradicate because we run air conditioners lower surface temperatures and they move deeper into the furniture. Raising surface temperatures will help lure bed bugs out of their hiding places and make it easier to find and eradicate them, that is why it takes a seasoned bed bug professional to kill them all. If you have bed bugs call the Professionals at HI-TECH PEST CONTROL for free bed bug inspection, we accept jobs abandoned by others. Call us today and live pest free tomorrow! (248) 569 8001.