Let’s face it bed bugs aren’t going anywhere. We all thought that they would just go away during the pandemic and it seemingly got worse. Because we all were spending more time at home and in furniture, bed bugs could have gotten worse than before the pandemic. Keep in mind that bed bugs are not lurking around your front door and if they are completely eradicated our experience is they do not get them again even though the entire country is infested with them. Someone has to bring them back through the front door from a location that has to have an unhealthy population of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs are not resistant and impossible to kill like we have are led to believe. We get most of our information from sources that have never even seen a bed bug infestation and we believe them when almost all of it is misrepresentation. Getting rid of bed bugs when they have passed the threshold will take a technician that is consistent and not afraid to busy in homes that have to much activity and want to save all of their valuable furniture. Be assured that bed bugs will eventually populate brand new furniture. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL is the right choice, test us if you have an unsolved bed bug infestation. Serving all of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. Roseville, Mi, Warren Mi, Royal Oak Mi, Canton Mi, Westland Mi, Plymouth Mi, Taylor MI, Troy Mi, Livonia Mi, and Farmington Hills.