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Bed Bugs are taken over France according to the Pest Control Industry. Paris has the largest traffic in the world, they are the most frequently visited city. Visitors headed to the 2024 Olympics should take extra precautions and avoid taking bed bugs from one location to another. Bed bugs are up 70% in France. Well known celebrities are getting out of bed with numerous insect bites, that means no one is safe. Bed bugs are small insects that hide and bite and feed on humans at night. Bed Bug eradication and identification takes experienced Pest Control Professionals that are hard to find and Hotel Owners are starting to worry. Hotel Owners cannot police and inspect every guest the enters the Hotel. With the upcoming olympic traffic coming they will need an extremely effective IPM Program to combat the bed bug populations. Paying customers have a right to be comfortable during their stay.

Visitors should take their time searching the rooms when they enter and if there is any signs of bed bug infestation they should immediately move to another room or location. Search all of the furniture and not just the beds, because they are called bed bugs we think that they only infest beds and that is a common mistake. Luggage may not be safe even on the floors so they should be left in basements or garages until they are cleaned and free of any pests. Upon returning home nothing should be placed on anything that you sleep on or sit on. If you or any of your friends or relatives have a bed bug issue HI-TECH PEST CONTROL has an unparalleled history of completely eradicating bed bugs. For a Free Inspection and Consultation Call us Today! (248) 569-8001.


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