Novi Bed Bug Removal

Livonia, MI Bed Bug Removal

Life Cycle of Novi Bed Bug

Life Cycle of Livonia, MI Bed Bug



Bed Bugs will enter your home from other heavily infested homes or places of Business. They are always hitching rides on used furniture, clothing, purses, backpacks, and visitors. They are probably one the easiest pests to pick up on whatever you’re carrying or wearing. They are very difficult to see and find because of their size in early stages and their flat bodies that enable them to fit in tight places. Because of their hiding abilities it is easy for them to enter your home or Business.

Although Bed Bugs are not dangerous they menacing and treacherous, their is no disease transmitted from bed bugs to humans. The biting, itching, and home infestations that bed bugs create can be just as unhealthy.


Bites on the upper body and exposed skin, face, arms, and neck, are the usual first signs of bed bug infestations and will often be mistaken for spider or mosquito bites. The multiple bites and extreme itch is how you positively identify bed bug bites.

Blood stains on the bedclothes, mattresses, and pillows. Bed bug poop, black tiny spots, shedded skins, tiny white eggs and eggshells. This maturation stage is the beginning of the reproduction stage that will wreck homes and businesses.

Sweet , musty odors around the beds and in bedrooms, and finally sightings of reddish brown, oval shaped adults the size of apple seeds. Bed Bugs can be found in all of the furniture in the home or business in reproduction stages like bed frames, dining room chairs, recliners, and family room couches. When bed bugs are sighted call the professionals immediately! HI-TECH PEST CONTROL will completely remove all of the bed bugs in your home at affordable prices. Call us Today and Live Pest Free Tomorrow. 248-569-8001.