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We just finished an inspection in Grand Blanc where the customer received a new sofa and loveseat from a furniture store that was infested with bed bugs. Bed Bugs do not care about social status, good or poor sanitation,  and if you are one of the unlucky ones they will cause a great deal of trauma if you let them. Do not be afraid to seek professional help at the first sign or sighting.


The customer requested a partial treatment assuming that they were just in the furniture that was delivered. After a brief education she insisted on treatment immediately. The technician made a video of bed bugs coming out of the dining room chair and showed the video to the customer post treatment.


Once that furniture was delivered to the home in a reproduction stage bed bugs will infest the entire home immediately. Underestimating this pest is a mistake and each job must treated the same regardless of what you think the population is. The whole country is infested because it takes a seasoned experienced professional to completely eradicate bed bugs and HI-TECH PEST CONTROL is up for the task regardless of the bed bug population we can assure you that we will remove the bed bugs and save your furniture. Call us Today and Live Pest Free Tomorrow! (248) 569-8001.