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Treating for Carpenter Ants can be very difficult to eradicate because they will invade and nest in the structure of your home where wood is joined together like headers and footers. Treatment can very between $225 and $500, each job is requires special treatment and experience. Nests located inside the home are most important because they will eventually find there way to moisture collecting areas like roofs and windows. Carpenter Ants are wood destroying insects like termites and will tunnel through wood while the latter (Termites) will eat wood.

HI-TECH PEST CONTROL specializes in controlling and eradicating Carpenter Ants and will get to the harborages where these pest are nesting. Our methods of application are immediately effective and we will except all unsolved and jobs abandoned by others. Call us today or Book an appointment Online for a free inspection and evaluation to remove these destructive creatures fast and discretely. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL will offer you an equitable price between you and the Company. (248) 569-8001.