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General use insecticides for Bed Bugs. 


General use insecticides are the best over the counter method to control bed bugs, keep the population down, and stop them from feeding. Almost all bed bug infestations are past the thresholds and will require professional help. If you can attack the problem within the first 1 1/2 to 3 weeks, you will have a 12 to 40% chance to kill them all.

General use insecticides do not have an instant knock down as advertised and you will problem see them walk away with a disrupted nervous system. They will eventually die, but the ones that did not receive a direct hit will require insecticides that have a much longer residual and less of a repelling effect. Continued use will force most of the bed bugs into secondary and tertiary areas and will create a even worse situation for the homeowner. Professionals with years of bed bug experience will know what insecticides are effective and will use other methods as well. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL has that experience and will use all of the methods that apply to your unique situation for complete and immediate eradication.


 Rubbing Alcohol and Essential Oils


Rubbing Alcohol was not engineered to kill insects. It was a desperate attempt to kill and control bedbugs and it fails to even keep them from feeding on humans. Once the alcohol dries it has no residual. Essential Oils will have a little residual but may uncomfortable because of their strong odors. Although these methods will help keep them off of you they will have little effect on the population. Use a general use insecticide for better results.


 Ultrasonic Devices


If these devices were effective there would be no use for Professionals and the Country would not be infested with bedbugs. It is a marketing ploy to get these devices off of the shelves because there is data saying that these devices will actually rid your home or business of bed bugs. For complete eradication and consultations Call the Professionals at HI-TECH PEST CONTROL we will clean your home and save your furniture.