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Bed bugs are all over the state of Michigan. Most of our cities are reporting high bed bug activity with some of them a lot higher than others like Flint, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Lansing. Under HI-TECH PEST CONTROL cities list for 2022 and 2023. Detroit is around 5 or 6 in the Country. The worst cities in the World are Chicago, Washington DC, Baltimore, Columbus, Indianapolis, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Charlotte, Youngstown, Cleveland, and San Francisco. 



Life Cycle of Novi Bed Bug

Life Cycle of Livonia MI Bed Bug


Females will lay approximately 5 to 7 eggs per day but usually lays one per day. Eggs will hatch in 2 weeks and are capable of reproducing in 6 weeks. The life span of bed bugs are 6 months or longer and they will lay over 100 eggs in a lifetime. feeding and surviving is not a problem because they can live for months without feeding but they will need blood meals to lay eggs.




Almost immediately they can hitch a ride on your person and wind up in or on your dining room chair or couch. If they are forced to move out of their hiding places for their size they can run very fast. In several weeks to 6 months you could have a full blown infestation in your home. Populations will vary depending on how many humans in the home and how much time they spend in the beds and couches. Home remedies can move them from room to room like alcohol and general use insecticides. If they are not being completely removed, home treatments will move them rapidly out of one room and into another. When homeowners use sprays the safest place for bed bugs are on the intreated clothes that you’re wearing and clean bed clothes.



You can keep the populations down by practicing good sanitation methods like vacuuming, washing clothes and bed clothes. Decreasing clutter and other desired harborages or places for them to hide and nests is good pest management for bed bugs. Cover up, the more exposed skin they have the more they will feed.



Bed bug bites are more important and not sightings, long before you have the first sighting you will continue to get bites. Once you have the first sighting you will probably already be in an unhealthy population or bed bug situation and should be able to find some of their nests. The nest will be located near humans and close to areas where you rest your upper body. So check the mattresses and box springs near headboards and if you find activity your infestation is probably at least 3 Months or longer and it is time to seek Professional help.