Bed Bug reproduction depends on how many humans are in the home and how much time they spend resting and sleeping. Once they attach themselves to your furniture it will take approximately 1 to 3 Months to infest most of your home. It would take years for them to just walk from room to room, and they do not live in and populate floors and carpets like fleas. These creatures are fast but cannot feed on you if they are on the floor or in the carpet. Bed Bugs will travel from room to room when humans move around the home sitting on and laying on couches, chairs, and beds. Once the feeding starts they will infest the home very fast.


When Bed Bugs reach this reproduction stage it’s time for a professional who will clean your entire home and not just your bedroom. They are not in just one room like everyone believes, they must be removed from every room in your home. Chances of you getting Bed Bugs again are close to none even if you don’t exercise any prevention. That is what our trained technicians at HI-TECH PEST CONTROL will do and that is why it is a wise decision to hire us. Call us today and live pest free tomorrow! (248)569-8001.


Bed Bug Exterminator