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HI-TECH PEST CONTROL will advise homeowners how to find bed bugs. Make sure that you suspect that you do in fact have bed bugs or insect bites. If you do not have insect bites then you are not in a maturation and reproduction stage, Hi-Tech Pest Control control will be able advise you on what stage you are in. When Bed Bugs are initially introduced to the home they are almost impossible to find. Make sure that you start you search before you spray a general use insecticide or alcohol.


The inspection should start wherever you spend the most time sleeping or sitting in the home. The Beds should be the first place to start you search. You will find them near the headboard and upper parts of the mattress because that is where most of the heat and carbon dioxide is created and that attracts the little creatures. Bed Bugs like to nest near humans but in the beginning stages will start in places where they can’t be disturbed that are seemingly to far to travel or commute from their nests to humans. Once they overpopulate they will occupy blankets, sheets, pillows, and other items closer to humans.


Once the infestation is past the threshold you will find them in secondary areas like living room couches and recliners. Again if you sleep on the couch or recliner you will find them where most of the heat and carbon dioxide is created and that’s where you start your searches. Place two sided scotch tape in front of areas that they have to cross in order to feed on humans and you will catch them. Again do not try to find bed bugs after spraying any general use products.


In the final stages when they reach tertiary areas like ceiling molding, floor moldings, electrical outlets, heat registers, you will have no problem getting a positive identification or locating them. In order for them to occupy these areas you have to force them to go to these places far from the hosts or humans by spraying general use insecticides and not completely eradicating them. Once they occupy these areas you should contact us immediately we are ready to serve you. (248) 569-8001.