The Best pest control professionals for Bed Bug Removal are chosen by their knowledge and problem solving skills. Believe it or not applicants are chosen by how well they perform in the interview verbally and not by the content of their resumes. You must ask the right questions and expect the right answers. Most of the information that you find on the internet is misrepresentation and whoever your pest professional is should be knowledgeable and experienced enough to retool your thinking in a short period of time. Not only do you have to be a good interviewer you might have to be a professional listener as well. Each Job is totally different and companies should not quote prices over the phone based on square footage when it should be based on how much furniture, what kind of furniture, how many humans in the home, and the insect population. When treating the home the bed bug professional has to be experienced enough to know what type of equipment is needed and what will it take to remove all of the bed bugs from all of the items in the home. Statements like you will not be able to remove all of the insects should not be tolerated. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL has been removing insects completely from homes since 1986 and our Bed Bug Removal is unparalleled. If you have a pest problem that you cannot solve call us today and live pest free tomorrow! (248) 569-8001.