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Catch the suspected bed bug and place it in a zip loc bag or capture it on clear tape for positive identification by a certified technician. Any pest management professional can identify it. Request an inspection by a pest management company. Positive identification is important.


Prevent children from bringing bed bugs home from school. Inspect everything they bring in from school. Try to limit kids coming in contact with furniture when they arrive from school as well as books and backpacks. If the school has reported a problem immediately vacuum everything in the home especially furniture. Limit the amount of items that your child takes to school. Schools are a great source for infesting other locations.


If you have them in the home wash all of dust ruffles, bed clothes, pillows, and clothes. Use a stiff brush on the backpacks and vacuum. After you vacuum the backpacks place the in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes. Eliminate the clutter and places for bed bugs to nest. Contact a Bed Bug Exterminator near you. For complete Bed Bug Removal Call HI-TECH PEST CONTROL we are ready to assist you. (248) 569-8001.