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It is easy to positive bed bugs with the naked eye because of their deep reddish brown color. The first stages and nymphs are not easy to see because of their light or beige colors and tiny sizes.  Another contributing factor are the beginning stages of bed bugs that make them seemingly impossible to find because their limited numbers. In most cases you will have to be well into the unhealthy stages before they are easily located in the furniture,  Almost everyone will make the mistake of underestimating this difficult pest and wait until they have taken over their entire home. It is best to call a professional as soon as you get the positive identification on bed bugs and preferably from the insect bite.

Bed Bugs can be found in places where you where you sit and sleep. They will populate bed clothes, dust ruffles, sheets, pillows, comforters, bed frames, recliners, and couches. Everyone will get confused in the beginning stages and not understand that they are insects feeding on them and not rashes or a dermatology problem and will eventually search for them.

Looking in the right places is the key and you might even find one in the early stages. Bed Bugs will populate where humans leave the most heat and carbon dioxide and that will be near head boards, upper mattress and box spring areas, in couches near headrests, backs and armrests. Searching before spraying will make it easier to find them because they will shy away from areas that are sprayed and move further away from primary areas and areas where they can be found.

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