Mice do not invade homes and businesses one at time like we think. Depending on where you live the weather secures your home or business for 6 or 7 months. When temperatures drop below 38 degrees mice can no longer live outside. Most homeowners will know that they have a mouse problem until they are past threshold levels. Seeing that first mouse may mean that you already have to many mice. Even when we are educated on maturation and reproduction stages we still think it’s just one mouse that needs to be eradicated. Two mice that can mate will produce more that 1500 in one year. At the first sign of mice we run to the hardware and buy traps, when the first mouse is trapped we think that the problem is solved. Even when you have an unhealthy population of mice you will not see one everyday and you will think the next sighting just came in from outside even though outside temperatures are below freezing.


Inspections by experienced professionals will determine how long you had mice and what’s needed to completely eradicate the mice. Mouse populations can be estimated by signs like droppings, odors, rub marks (where their dirty little bodies run in and out of holes), and shredded paper. Mice have to be eradicated faster than they reproduce and that’s where everyone fails. You cannot kill mice one at a time. It is not always the homeowners fault if they have exhausted everything they know because it almost always calls for more than one method to kill them all. Access to dog food, cereal, grass seed, and almost everything that humans eat can create heavy populations and situations that are hard to overcome.


That first sighting means that you should act right away. Call a professional immediately before you reach the unhealthy stages in your home. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL is ready to serve you and will eradicate all of your mice fast and safe. Call us today and live pest free tomorrow! 248-569-8001.