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Bed bug infestations have to be managed and homeowners have to change if they want to keep their homes from reaching unhealthy thresholds. Good sanitation becomes very important and all of your bed clothes, sheets, comforters, blankets, and pillows have to be washed and dried frequently. Make sure you wash and don’t just dry clothes and bed clothes you must do both if you want to be successful at keeping the population down.


Vacuuming before you spray a general use insecticide or alcohol will eliminate more bed bugs without spreading and running them all over the home or place of business. Alcohol has an impact and will make them run faster and farther than general use insecticides but they have no residual at all. Insecticides are preferred methods to eradicate large numbers of bed bugs.


If your furniture is heavily infested with bed bugs it might be a good idea to sleep on blow up mattresses they have less harborages and places to hide but will populate the blow up mattresses too. Sleeping on couches and recliners is not acceptable because they are more difficult to treat than your beds. Again you must wash bed clothes and vacuum areas wherever you sleep often.


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