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The quickest solutions to getting rid of a nasty bed bug infestation is HI-TECH PEST CONTROL. We have been solving the worst pest problems since 1986 and always welcome jobs abandoned by others, just test us because we are always up for any unsolved pest problem or any work that others are afraid of. If you have a bed bug issue that you know you cannot solve let us evaluate, educate you on the target and the company itself and we guarantee that you are on your way to a  clean and healthy home.

Bed bugs are the one of the most durable pest in the world and don’t let all that confusing information that you have received from friends, relatives, and the endless amounts of internet contributions. Bed bugs take extreme temperatures in clock radios, inside furniture, and even on surfaces like german cockroaches that will take temperatures of 300 to 400 degrees in the framework of stoves.

Steaming was found to be ineffective years ago and believe it or not bed bugs are happy bed bugs when you raise the moisture level even if you give it to them with steamers. Higher the moisture level higher the bed bug populations. You should never give water or moisture to insects in any form. One of the most effective supplemental treatments for bed bugs removes moisture. Your body is almost 100% water and if there was no water to drink on a daily basis we would be in trouble and could not survive.

Another myth is that heat alone will kill all of the bed bugs. Most of the failures are from operators who use heat alone and ignore using other methods at the same time will always fail because they do not know how to completely eradicate the bed bugs. Customers who are not aware that of these facts will always be taken advantage of and thats why the entire country is infested with bed bugs. A combination of heat and insecticides, knowledge, understanding, and problem solving will always be the only way to completely eradicate bed bugs. B&G equipment who sells equipment to every pest control company in the world says that is heat alone is not the best treatment for bed bugs and they engineer all of the professional equipment that most pest control operators use. After you find them on the internet you will find that they do not sell heating equipment and never will. Heating equipment can be found and purchased or rented cheaply online and you don’t need a license to use them.

Removing pieces of furniture is not the solution, but if you are trying to solve the bed bug issue alone then it might help. Throwing out beds alone because they are called bed bugs will slow the maturation and reproduction but will not completely eradicate them because they are not just in the beds and you will soon find that they have populated the new furniture. Homeowners should seek help immediately from professionals who can salvage all of your furniture and not just some of the furniture. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL takes pride in saving all furniture not just some of it, we don’t believe in removing any furniture, if it’s in the home it will be cleaned and the bed bugs will be removed.

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