Finding out that you have Bed Bugs can be devastating! Sleeping in a Bed with blood sucking insects can be difficult for most people, and it is important that you do not panic and lose control. You must first decide if you will seek professional help or take on this problem yourself.


The first thing that you would need is positive identification and a thorough inspection. Bed Bugs will be close to humans, specifically on furniture that you spend approximately 3 or more hours, that means that they will be near exposed skin, upper body heat, and carbon dioxide. Bed Bugs are not attracted to cold feet, so checking the foot of the bed is usually unnecessary. Remove the box spring and mattress and start searching underneath the box spring, if no bed bugs are sighted it probably means that you are still in a maturation stage. Remember the bed bug is one of the most stealth creatures on earth until you get to many or reach the reproduction stage. Finding one bed bug means that you are probably in the reproduction stage. If there are no sightings at all then you will probably have to identify them from bed bug bites. Bed Bug bites look identical to mosquito bites but will be more pronounced and very itchy. You should be able to identify them, if not be advised to see a Doctor or Dermatologist if you are not sure if they are insect bites or not.


Now that you have identified the bed bug infestation you have to decide if you want to try and solve it yourself or call a professional. Solving this problem yourself may prove daunting or next to impossible. You can start with better sanitation by vacuuming, wash clothes and bed clothes, do not spray a general use insecticide until you have vacuumed first, they will only run and spread. Do not use steam cleaners as suggested, raising the moisture level will only create more bed bugs. One of the supplemental treatments for bed bugs is an insecticide that actually absorbs moisture and creates environments that they cannot live in. Keep repeating these methods until the feeding stops, unfortunately you will not know if they are completely eradicated for months so be patient and thorough until the problem is solved. Once they are completely eradicated you will probably never get them again but you have to kill them all.



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