Mice do not eat at the dinner table or sleep in our beds, they live between the floors and in the walls. It’s probably a good thing that we do not see them everyday because most men are afraid of mice and not just women. Homeowners are very lucky when they find the droppings in the early stages of a mouse infestation.

If the sanitation is poor and the mice have a good source of food like dog or cat food they will populate rapidly. Mice have 5 or 6 pups in a litter and the gestation period is 18 to 21 days, two mice in a years time can produce more than 1500 mice.

Rodenticides is the only way to completely eradicate the mice because you have to kill them faster than they are reproducing. Killing mice one at a time with snap traps and glue traps is not an effective way to eradicate mice even in beginning stages. Mice eat everything that we eat and love dog and cat food just as much as your pets. Rodenticides from the supermarket are engineered so that domestic animals won’t eat them, lets face it you would have a problem if your dog or cat ate it, but it will not compete with dog or cat food. It is always important to use tamper proof boxes because they are designed to keep pets out.

When the first mouse is sighted it means that you already have to many mice. In most states the weather will secure your house so that you can concentrate on completely eradicating the mice. Securing the house first will not kill the mice and that is why most homeowners fail because they are more concerned about how they got in and not how to eradicate all of them. There are so many variables to eradicating mice it is best to call the professionals at HI-TECH PEST CONTROL we are ready to serve you. The fastest way to get rid of mice! Call us today and live pest free tomorrow! 248-569-8001.