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Bed bugs will enter the home with new or used furniture, luggage, visitors, and humans frequenting places that have high traffic. Once they are introduced to anything we sit or sleep on they will wait until you are stationery long enough for them to feed and mature into adults which takes approximately 6 feedings. Once they enter the home and start feeding they are not easily eradicated. For most homeowners that threshold is 2 or 3 weeks. If Bed Bugs are allowed to get to harborages that you cannot find you will need professional help.


Signs of Bed Bug infestations are Mosquito like bites that are very itchy and disturbing for about 2 weeks. Bed Bugs can reach the unhealthy stage within 1 month depending on how much time is spent on beds and couches and how many humans there are in the home. For complete eradication call the Professionals that you can trust HI-TECH PEST CONTROL at (248) 569-8001 we are ready and eager to serve you.