bed bugs

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Bed Bug Foggers and Aerosol’s might kill on contact but they do not have a residual and will not get to the harborages and nests where bed bugs live and reproduce. Foggers are engineered to kill insects that are airborne or a spider on the wall. That’s why homes are infested with bed bugs because we have to many over the counter methods that are totally ineffective to bed bug infestations.


Bed Bugs will move deeper into your furniture to survive and will move to locations that will be hard or impossible to find and even more difficult to eradicate. Bed bugs found in curtains, blinds, floor moldings, ceiling moldings, electrical outlets, were forced to live in these secondary and tertiary areas because of foggers and sprays. If you do not have years of successful experience dealing with these insects and the proper equipment it is wise to call the professionals.


Bed bugs are more difficult to kill than german cockroaches and although they don’t really populate moisture collecting areas like german cockroaches they have just many places to hide and maybe more if you force them to. That’s when they start causing sleepless nights, anxiety, and stress when they populate all of the furniture that humans sleep and sit on in the home.


If you cannot clean your home in the first 2 weeks washing your bed clothes and vacuuming your furniture and floors then it’s time to call in the Professionals because you are way out of your league and bed bugs will find their way to every room in your home. For complete Eradication call HI-TECH PEST CONTROL they are A+ Rated with the better business and solve your bed bug issue immediately and save all of your valuable furniture.