When bed bugs enter your home or business they are there to stay. Frequent feeding, and before you know it you will have an unhealthy population of bed bugs. Bed bugs will live for long periods of time even without feeding. Improving the sanitation will slow the maturation and reproduction but will not completely eradicate them. Spraying general use insecticides and alcohol could move them out of their locations and into tertiary areas and you may think that they are gone but will eventually come back to feed on available humans and lead you to believe that they are gone. Bed bugs have no reason to leave your home and will not leave on their own.




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Waiting will only cause more grief and anxiety, bed bugs will not walk out of your home. They have every reason to not leave your home, they have heat, and their second favorite attraction carbon dioxide from humans. Waiting will only be more costly. If you know that your home is infested then you need to find the best exterminator in your area.


egg (1 mm) 1st stage nymph (1.5 mm) 2nd stage nymph (2 mm) 3rd stage nymph (2.5 mm) 4th stage nymph (3 mm) 5th stage nymph (4.5) mm) unfed adult

Bed Bug Life Cycle