It is no secret that Bed Bugs have wreaked havoc on and have just about taken over every city in our Country and other cities around the world. Bed Bugs are almost always found in Hotels, Medical Clinics, Planes, and all other places that humans frequent.

Adult care and Senior Citizen homes are more heavily populated with bed bugs because of the  excessive amount of time spent in the rooms and bedrooms. Ambulatory patients will spend all day and night in hospital beds and bed bugs will feed continuously. Once bed bugs reach that unhealthy threshold very few professionals can eradicate them, let’s face it bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest to eradicate along with fleas, and german cockroaches.

It is not impossible to eradicate any bed bug infestation, but it will require thinking, knowledge, experience, proper equipment and the proper methods of application. There is an unbelievable amount of treatments and tips online that are not only distracting but useless as well. Hiring the right professionals to solve these seemingly impossible infestations takes a good listener and someone who will asks the right questions.

Bed Bugs in the first few months are hard to find even with a trained eye. When general use insecticides and alcohol are applied to areas where bed bugs hide they will run deeper into furniture and shy away from areas where they can be found until it is safe for them to come back and start feeding again.

Applying general use pesticides before and inspection makes it almost impossible to find unless they are already pass the unhealthy stage and there will be other signs like blood stains, and molted skins.

Once they reach unhealthy levels in places where these seniors live they will begin to reproduce exponentially and dumping alcohol and insecticides on them will force them into tertiary areas like window frames, door frames, curtains, blinds, ceiling molding and other areas they will not go in unless you force them to. Assuming that bed bugs are just in the beds because of their names is a mistake that is commonly made.

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