Contrary to what everyone believes, Bed Bugs do not live in carpet like fleas and it is not the primary area of concern. Finding bed bugs in your carpet would mean that you have a very unhealthy population of bed bugs for a very long time. Bed Bugs have a difficult time making their way back to a Bed or couch from floors and other secondary and tertiary areas. All efforts to eradicate Bed Bugs should be focused on Primary areas like all the furniture in the home that you sit on and sleep on, If a Bed Bug is in the bathroom or on the floor that’s where you want them, you do not want them in the Beds and Couches.


Bed Bugs found on floor moldings, electrical outlets, curtains, where forced out of Beds and Couches from repeatedly spraying general use insecticides and forcing them onto the floor and off of the Bed. Once the bed bug hits the floor he doe’s not know where to go and cannot find his way back onto the bed or couch by walking to the bed or couch and climbing up the legs. Bed Bugs find their way to other furniture from sitting on the couch and then sitting on the dining room chair, or taking the blanket off the bed and putting it on the couch. Bed Bugs on the floor will seek heat anywhere they can and that means they will wind up near heat registers or electrical outlets because of the heat they create by charging and creating heat in these areas, making it back onto a bed or couch is almost impossible.


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