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Mice can create problems in a short period of time and will usually be ignored or forgotten because they will not show themselves until they reach the unhealthy stage. Mice will have 5 or 6 pups in a litter and become sexually active in 3 to 4 weeks, two mice can produce 1500 or more mice in one year. Mouse sightings usually means that you already have an unhealthy population of mice. Mouse droppings means that you are approaching the threshold level and should call the Professionals. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL is eagerly awaiting your call. Our Technicians are trained to eradicate the rodents faster than they can reproduce.


Once the rodents are completely eradicated they will have to invade the home again and will not invade homes in the winter months because they cannot survive outside when the temperature drops below 38 degrees. Completely eradicating the rodents is the first priority and not securing the home and that’s why everyone is more concerned about how they gained entry and not on how to remove them from the home. Once you completely eradicate the mice the chances of you getting mice again are very low.


Methods needed to kill all of the Mice are rodenticides and not traps. Killing mice one at a time with traps may look effective but it’s not. Choosing the right professionals is very important because they must be experienced and knowledgable because homeowners will not know if they are not completely eradicated. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL will remove all of the mice and back the service 100% so call us today for a consultation and evaluation (248) 569-8001.