Bed Bug Infestation





Bed bug populations should be eradicated and removed immediately by trained experienced professionals. 74% of homeowners will try and eradicate Bed Bugs before calling on professionals thinking that using general use insecticides, alcohol, and diatomaceous earth will save money in the long run and solve the problem. Waiting and opting to use home remedies is a bug mistake.

The first step in managing bed bug infestations is good sanitation. Vacuuming, removing clutter, and washing clothes, and bed clothes is more important than spraying general use insecticides or any other general use method.

  1. Wash bed clothes to remove all the bed bugs in the sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows and all other items on the beds that are close to and in contact with humans. Remove any covers or cloth items on recliners and couches and wash them. Washing and drying clothes and bed clothes will remove all of the bed bugs and they are not attracted to and will not repopulate clean clothes and bed clothes. Keeping bed bugs from overpopulating beds is the first and most important step.
  2. Vacuuming will pick pick and remove most of the bed bugs in the home when they are pulled up into vacuum cleaners. Once they are in the vacuum cleaner that’s where they belong and that’s where you want them, and will not find there way to a bed or couch. Spraying Alcohol or general use insecticides will chase them deeper into the furniture and into secondary and tertiary areas making it more difficult to completely eradicate. Bed Bugs will not leave the furniture unless you force them too.
  3. Removing clutter reduces the number of places they can hide and will make it easier to completely remove the bed bugs. Books, boxes, items under the bed should all be removed before you try and eradicate the bed bugs without professional help. Once they sense the Alcohol and diatomaceous earth nearby they will seek untreated areas to survive in like unused clutter.


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