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Bed Bugs are oval shaped reddish brown insects that feed on human blood. They usually feed on humans at night when they are sleeping and are stationery on beds and couches for 3 or more hours. Bed Bugs have been around for thousands of years and they are not guilty of transmitting diseases and viruses to humans but will create an enormous amount of discomfort, anxiety, financial issues, and stress.

Bed bug bites can be very disturbing and can cause noticeable bites that look like mosquito or spider bites and will sometimes cause allergic reactions and ulcers from scratching. The red bed bug bites will appear in groups, lines, or clusters on faces, arms, and necks. Although they prefer the upper body heat they will eventually feed on the lower cooler body parts after they overpopulate in the furniture.

You know that your home is infested when you can see them in the beds and couches. Other bed bug signs are shedded skins, regurgitated blood, and numerous bites. Once you have a positive identification on bed bugs give the professionals a call at HI-TECH PEST CONTROL we are ready and eager to serve you, we accept jobs abandoned by others at an affordable price. We specialize in Bed Bug Removal and will clean and salvage all of your furniture. Call us today and live pest free tomorrow! (248) 569-8001.