Call Hi-Tech Pest Control, as a casual Home or Business Owner your chances are slim to none! It takes tons of knowledge, But there are a variety of all types of over the counter insecticides for you to chose from. Not having the knowledge and equipment is a disadvantage. It takes a team of fearless individuals to move items, and deal with these insects in their domains and territories! Alcohol has a quick knockdown but was not engineered to kill insects and will have virtually no residual, once it dries it’s not effective anymore to keep other Bed Bugs from coming back to those areas and being eradicated. At least general use over the counter insecticides have some residual. Alcohol should remain under Medicine and Pharmaceuticals! It has no place under the guise of Pest Control. Alcohol doe’s have the ability to move large numbers of Bed Bugs out of heavy populated areas but they will wind up in other places that shouldn’t be in like blinds, curtains, ceiling moldings etc. So consider Alcohol as a supplemental treatment and not a primary treatment, alcohol is designed to kill bacteria, so let’s not assume it will completely eradicate Bed Bugs. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL specializes in difficult Bed Bug issues. Call us today and live pest free tomorrow!




First Vacuum everything in sight, trying to spray or using a dust first will spread them all over your home and make it even more difficult to eradicate. Wash everything that was on your Bed or Couch, they will definitely be in your clothing and Bed Clothes. Slowing the feeding is the most important part of your plan to try and eradicate Bed Bugs. Now that you have a positive ID on these insects you should know what their bites look and feel like. Once you start moving them and getting the population down you cannot expect to anymore for a long time. Bed Bug sightings means that you have passed that threshold and entered the unhealthy stages. If they start feeding again it means that maturation and reproduction has started again. So good sanitation is paramount in solving your Bed Bug issue if you are trying to control them yourself.





You must understand that the operative words in growth regulators is (slow down), growth regulators slow the reproduction and disrupt the birth cycles. So if anyone introduces you to growth regulators then you better prepare yourself for a very long fight. Relying on growth regulators tells us someone is planning numerous treatments, it will take months for IGR’S to take effect and they still won’t produce a noticeable effect. Insecticides designed for immediate knockdowns should be introduced to your treatment plan in order to get the results that you need and want. For immediate results call HI-TECH PEST CONTROL (248)-569-8001 we offer a 6 Month Warranty and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.