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Unwanted creatures invading your home can be such a problem. Pests such as rats, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitos, and other insects can be a real menace. Additionally, some of these pests can carry diseases. Finding the right Livonia, Michigan pest control service is the ideal option to get rid of these pesky guests.

Importantly, pest control companies offer services to control insect and rodent problems. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL will rid your home or business completely and permanently from bed bugs and other unwanted pests. Informed house owners understand that doing their part can go a long way in keeping your home pest-free.

In many instances, a pest control technician will instruct you to take some measures before and after the treatment. Lucky enough, these things are not complicated and will ensure complete eradication.


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Things to Do Before Pest Control

To start proper treatment, you need to figure out what kind of pest you have. Knowing what kind of pests you are dealing with is a must. Now, here are some points of preparation for your pest control appointment.

Preparation for Extermination

Each target pest will have different methods of application, for mice, removing food sources like dog food, for rats eliminating water sources, for bed bugs, removing clutter, washing clothes and bed clothes, the company will communicate to you all of the things that are necessary in order to return your home to you pest free.

Things to Do After Pest Control

When a professional is done with your pest treatment, there are steps to be followed like keeping the moisture level down for a longer residual effect. For Bed Bugs there are usually no post treatment special instructions. So depending on the target pest you may have instructions before and after treatment.

Have Patience

Sometimes you will go through a mild case of psychosis with pests like bed bugs and believe that you are still getting bites. In extreme cases you may have gone through numerous attempts to completely eradicate them and you will think that it’s happening again. HI-TECH PEST CONTROL will not fail and we have a 100% customer satisfaction index welcoming customers even if you were abandoned by others.

Troy Bed Bug Infestation

Troy Bed Bug Infestation

Don’t Clean Immediately

It’s advised to not deep clean for at least a week. Pest control professionals know exactly where and how many chemicals they have to apply. Generally, they will not leave a mess or overspills. Consequently, it’s unwise to clean areas where pesticides have been applied because it would reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and you could expose yourself to those chemicals. You will be told by your exterminator when it is okay to clean again and which areas should not be washed.

Re-infestation is a Myth!

Customers usually confuse failure and not completely removing all of the pests with re-infestation. Once the pests are completely eradicate your chances of getting them again are slim to none. When the populations are decreased but not completely eradicated and you reach that threshold level again you will think that they came back, but customers who receive complete removal are never heard from again.