Bed Bug Exterminator Services in Michigan

Finding the right Livonia Mi. bed bug company can seem like a daunting task. There are tons of companies that want your business, but not everyone deserves it. Follow these tips to ensure you only chose the best Livonia Mi Bed Bug company for the money.

Finding unwanted pests in your home is always a bad sign. In most instances, your pests don’t ride solo. If you see one, there is a great chance that there are many more in the vicinity. An infestation can make your home unbearable and place you and your loved ones in a stressful situation. Avoid these problems and more by only working with the best Troy pest control companies. Here are some tips to help you find the best company for your home.

Stick With Reputable Firms – Livonia Mi Bed Bug Company

Like most industries, you can save yourself a lot of headaches by sticking with companies recognized for their excellence in the field. When you contact the company, make a list of questions to ask them to help you assess their level of experience.

First, ask them how many years they have been in service. This isn’t necessarily a sign of the person’s quality but it does give you an idea of their level of commitment to the career. You should also inquire about their training and promotions. You want a company that promotes from within versus hires new staff.

Next, ask if the company has licensed technicians. Go one step further and inquire if the licenses are specifically for the classification your job requires. You may want to also ask if the company has a certified entomologist on staff. If they sound a little shaky in their response, you can always get their license number and verify it with the State Pesticide Regulatory Office.

Updated Info

Another important factor to consider is if the company utilizes any form of ongoing education. This question is important for many reasons. It can help you to better understand how the company keeps its employees informed on regulations, products, techniques, and safety.

Specific Pests

Once you’re satisfied that the company is experienced, you need to delve deeper into your problem specifically. Ask the company what is their experience level with your exact pest. Ask them when was the last time they dealt with a similar situation and how it was resolved.

Reputation – Livonia Mi Pest Control

Another key factor to consider when choosing a Troy pest control company is reputation. One of the absolute best ways to get a good exterminator is through referrals. Your loved ones have had pest problems just like you. Find out how they resolved the issue and what company they went with. You may find that they point you in the direction of a trusted pest control company with great rates.


You can also find tons of valuable company info online. Here, you can check reviews from previous customers. Always check online reviews before you let any pest control technician into your home. In most instances, ignore the 1 and 5-star reviews. Focus on the 2 – 4-star reviews as they give more insight into the reason for the rating. You can also check with the BBB and Yelp to get additional reviews.


Importantly, not all pest control companies present the same value to their clients. One of the best ways to compare value is to get multiple estimates. During the estimate, really pick apart the service offered until you have a firm grasp on what you get for your money. Some companies provide discounts for signing monthly or yearly service agreements. This strategy might be the smart move for you if you seek ongoing pest prevention.

Warranty Review – Livonia Mi Pest Control

Always review the warranty a pest control company presents you. A reputable estimator can warranty their work. Be sure to get more details on what exactly falls under the coverage and what isn’t. Also, ask how long the response is for warranty work. You don’t want an exterminator that loses their desire to please you once they are required to warranty a spotty job.

Safety First – Livonia Mi Pest Control

Above all other concerns, you need to think about your health. Ask your potential exterminator about their products and the chemicals they intend to use in your home. Are they environmentally friendly? Are there low toxicity options available? During the extermination process, take note if the exterminators utilize personal protective equipment (PPE). This information can help you to gauge the company’s commitment to preventing unnecessary exposures and accidents.

DYOR – Do Your Own Research

Once you have your company narrowed down to a reputable firm, you will want to take notes of these items. Be sure to write down the company’s name and the name of the employee tasked with your job. You should also take notes of the chemicals used and their EPA registration numbers. Lastly, if possible, note the type of chemicals used. For example, did the company spray a foam, gel, or dust on your pests?

Choosing the Right Livonia Mi Pest Control Company

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