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Mice, commonly mistaken as rats, are rodents that are commonly found lurking in homes in Michigan. The most obvious difference between a mouse and a rat is size; rats are much bigger in size and darker in color than mice. Do you need more facts about mice or how to get rid of mice in your home? Look no further!

Bed bug bites from pests in Michigan

Directly Transmitted Diseases

Mice—small, harmless creatures who many of us don’t worry about. However, these little critters are a health risk that will likely damage to your home. To the dismay of many homeowners, two or three mice can quickly turn into an infestation.

The most common way to become sick from a pest infestation is directly transmitted diseases. This includes touching or consuming anything contaminated with rodent urine or droppings. Food attracts rodents, so it can be easy to miss their small droppings in something like cereal. Rodent droppings can be as small as rice but maintain a black color. As such, you must seal your food, or you will run the risk of harming your health.

A disease may also spread directly if you come into contact with the rodent (a bite or scratch), a carcass, or another person who contracted an illness. Some can be very serious if left untreated, which is why you need to remain informed on the possible symptoms. The following are rodent diseases that can spread directly:


  • At first, Leptospirosis may spark a high fever, headaches, muscle aches, chills, vomiting, or diarrhea. If it gets more severe, it can lead to meningitis and kidney or liver failure.
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM) is not fatal. However, it can cause a lack of appetite, muscle aches, nausea, and other unsightly symptoms. You may also experience coughing, chest pain, joint pain, testicular pain, and a sore throat.
  • During the middle ages, the Black Plague notably killed millions of people in Europe. Although the illness has proper treatment today, it can still lead to death. The disease spreads via an infected flea biting a wild rodent. The three types of plagues are Bubonic, Septicemic, and Pneumonic.
  • Rat-Bite Fever (RBF) received its name due to how the disease spreads. The disease will cause common symptoms such as a fever or vomiting, but it can also lead to joint pain, swelling, or a rash. There are two types of RBF to be aware of—streptobacillary and spirillary. Streptobacillary RBF can cause infections in the liver, lungs, brain, and heart. A fever, swelling, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash will come from a spirillary RBF.
  • Salmonellosis is another directly transmitted bacterial infection that comes from rodents. The best way to combat salmonella caused by small rodents is to wash your hands thoroughly after touching them.
  • Tularemia can cause various symptoms including, Ulceroglandular, Glandular, Oculoglandular, Oropharyngeal, Pneumonic, and Typhoidal.

Kinds of Rats and Mice in Michigan

Norway Rats: Also referred to as the brown rat or common street rat, the Norway Rat originated in China and is now typical on virtually every continent. With a tendency to reside where human beings do, brown rats hold true omnivores and will consume nearly anything. They typically reside in household structures, sleeping, grooming, and finding food for one another. Sometimes, these rodents can carry illnesses like Weil’s disease, rat-bite fever, and viral hemorrhagic fever.

Roofing Rats: The Roofing Rat, also known as the house rat, black rat, or ship rat, is a species of rat common in Michigan. Originating in tropical Asia with nests throughout Europe and the Americas, the Roofing System Rat is an omnivore that poses significant issues to farmers and their crops. These pests can reside in any variety of atmospheres, from storage facilities to barns and farming areas.

Mice: Mice are amongst the most common insects in Michigan, residing in practically all environments and environments where there are food sources. The term mice can be used to describe many species of rodent, consisting of the field mouse, deer mouse, and white-footed mouse. Mice are frequently discovered in human environments, feeding on a vast array of grains and other plant-based foods. In addition to posturing an annoyance in human houses, mice are also the carriers of many illnesses, including hantavirus. The House Mouse is a very typical issue in Michigan. If not taken care of right away, they will infest your whole house or structure in NO TIME. Lots of people have issues with mice and don’t understand it. Mice can acquire entry into your house through very few spaces and fractures. It takes a great deal of time and an eager eye for the smallest details to find all their entry points.

Rat/Mouse Trapping, Elimination and Exemption Process

Rodent exclusion for a home or building is not a simple, basic process. Each structure is special, requiring different approaches and ladder work. It takes an experienced professional with a skilled eye to discover all of the unusual holes. At A & A, we have the experience and know-how to do the task right, guaranteed. Unlike many other business, we utilize quality materials such as hard wire screening, thick sheet metal and other items that will last the life of your house.

Stage 1 - Sealing Entry Points

Due to poor building codes in Michigan, a building space is likely present between the roofing decking and fascia board around the roofline of your home. These gaps will usually measure half an inch to four inches or more and is a typical entrance for critters to access your attic. This location needs to be sealed with galvanized sheet metal and usually takes the most quantity of time, effort and ladder maneuvering. Our galvanized sheet metal is pre-bent and slid under the shingles while screwed into the fascia board to secure. If seamless gutter covers exist, they are carefully removed to access the building and construction space. We then install sheet metal and appropriately re-install the rain gutter covers. If you have been thinking of getting rain gutter covers set up, now is the ideal chance. Discover more about our gutter cover choices and benefits.

Some houses might have aluminum drip edge installed over their building and construction space. Understand that aluminum is not a rodent-proof material and can be chewed through. Furthermore, it is not set up in a manner that seals out rodents. Its function is to protect from wetness, not squirrels and rodents.

Numerous other entry holes may exist in the house. Roof returns, vents, utility penetrations and other foundation/ siding openings, to name a few. We use a mix of galvanized screen, long lasting sealants and specialized items created particularly to keep wildlife out for good. The photos listed below are of completed work we have actually performed on homes. Our objective is to animal-proof your house in a way that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. We do not utilize unattractive foam. Where necessary, we custom paint materials to blend in with the existing structure.

Stage Two - Rodent Trapping and Removal

After sealing the house, it’s time to get the critters out. The very same day we close up your house, we strategically position rat traps around plagued locations with specifically developed bait they can’t withstand. The frequency of our return sees differs depending upon each place’s requirement. We do not stop till the animals are entirely eliminated. Often it may be essential to do some trapping before the exclusion work depending upon the scenario.

We follow all Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources regulations in regards to trapping annoyance wildlife. All of our wildlife service technicians are licensed with the Dept. of Natural Resources and receive continuous upgraded training beyond what is needed by the state.

Stage Three - Rodent & Wildlife Contamination Clean-up

When we’re positive all rodents are gone and can’t return in, it’s a great concept to tidy up their mess. If you choose to offer your house, most house inspectors will find and report rodent evidence to the possible purchasers or agencies. The kind of service we recommend depends upon the level of contamination. For small problems, frequently we can eliminate visible feces with a HEPA vacuum and disperse a hospital-grade disinfectant into the attic. Other evidence such as tunnels and routes in the insulation will also be smoothed out to benefit future examinations.

When there is heavy contamination, a complete Attic Restoration becomes necessary. Some consumers select this choice if they are not comfy with the smallest little contamination being left behind. We have actually gotten comprehensive training in proper attic restoration and remediation of animal feces and urine. We have also gotten training and certification from the Structure Performance Institute for appropriate air sealing and insulation setup. We follow several protocols to prevent contamination from entering your living space throughout our clean-out process. All insulation is gotten rid of. We guarantee that the attic floor and other locations are sealed correctly while keeping appropriate ventilation. In some cases, encapsulating paint is used to seal off heavily polluted surface areas. Last but not least, we install fresh insulation and always clean up behind ourselves prior to we go.

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I've had Don spray my house and exterior property for carpenter ants every year for several years. They're an annual occurrence where I live, and he has always been thorough and willing to come back for second applications. When I've had hornets' nests (more than once) he has removed them successfully and gotten rid of any remaining hornets for a reasonable price. Overall, I've been quite happy. He is a one-man outfit, though, so occasionally he might get hung up on a given job, which might delay him at subsequent jobs that day. It happens rarely, and I've never felt that was an unreasonable inconvenience.

Kristin G.
Kristin G.28-06-2019

Hi-Tech is the best!  Have been using them for over 20 years.  They have consistently kept my house creepy-crawly free.  The owner is very professional and never tries to over-sell you.  Trust me, they get the job done.

Sharon C.
Sharon C.06-06-2016

Hi-tech gets the job done.  I tried another company and got no results.  The owner is knowledgeable and professional.

Tiffany T.
Tiffany T.27-04-2018

I am so pleased with hi tech !  I have already spent $4800 with Terminix and orkin and have NOT had any bedbug resolutions. My kids were bitin up for months and I was too worried about the diseases that these bugs can transmit when they are feeding on human blood. I lost sleep for months trying to get this figured out and now thank God I founds these guys

Micheal R.
Micheal R.09-06-2020

Don was awesome. He spent a bunch of time with me over the phone when I called, answering all my questions. When I asked if I could schedule to have someone come take a look at my ant problems, he offered me a two-hour window period in the afternoon for the following day. He said the morning was already very full, and he didn't want to leave me waiting. I appreciated that he was treating my call with the urgency it deserved. The following day, we didn't meet until about 45-minutes after the scheduled window. I really think that was understandable and completely acceptable bc it was a very narrow window to begin with (only two hours!) and most companies give you windows like "how about from 8am to 4pm next week?" His estimated time of availability was pretty accurate, which I am impressed by. Don offered me helpful advice, thorough information, relevant anecdotes, a list of trusted resources, and the perfect amount of friendly conversation. I know now that I have found a pest control company that I will be able to rely on for as long as I'm here. Don is a gem - do yourself a favor and call him! It sounds like the people who wrote the one-star reviews were treating Don disrespectfully without even noticing that they were doing so. If you know how to treat someone with respect, and not erase their humanity just b/c you're looking for a bid, you will probably have a stellar experience with this outstandingly well-informed professional! I will definitely be recommending Hi-Tech Pest Control to my friends and family, and I am looking forward to applying all of Don's good advice.

Hannah L.
Hannah L.27-05-2020

The best experience ever, very cost efficient, fast and knowledgeable... I will never use anyone else

natasha guy
natasha guy27-09-2016

Hi-Tech is the very best pest control service I have ever used. Don just came to my house for the sixth year in a row to address my annual carpenter ant infestation. I live in an area that has many mature trees  which come with unwanted pests. I first used Hi-Tech to take care of the spiders around my house. Once Don came, I saw NOTHING; no mosquitos, no spiders, no moths - NOTHING for two years! Then I started to have a serious carpenter ant problem. I had no idea those pesky ants grow to 1 1/2 inches in size with wings! Don came and assured me the ants would be gone within two weeks. He was right! I did not see another ant for the entire year. Whatever Don uses stops them at the door. So every year when I start to see dead ants at the door (whatever Don put down lasts for years!) I give Hi-Tech a call for my annual treatment. Then I see NOTHING. Don is amazing; his prices are extremely reasonable; and I only need one treatment per year. I will never use any other company!

Sharron W.
Sharron W.02-05-2018

Professional, knowledgeable and efficient! I will never use another company and I HIGHLY recommend them. Prior to spraying my home for bed bugs, I was shown credentials and given a thorough walk through of the pest. I felt very informed and values as a customer.

lisa griffith
lisa griffith27-09-2016

My nephew came in from California and spent the weekend with his grandma. 3 weeks later, house infested with bed bugs. Interviewed many pest control companies, all traditional pest control companies are a scam and I feel prey on people's ignorance of this issue. Bedbugs are a different monster than ants, bees, etc. After talking to many companies, I decided to call this company, had a guy, Don, come out. He told us straight exactly what we were dealing with, the work that would be required once he was done and guaranteed his work for 6 months, which is unprecedented. No other company does this, plus other companies make you sign a contract. He educated us, we listened. He treated the entire house, in early December, we did the work required after, nothing since. Bedbug infestations needn't be terrifying, once you understand what needs to be done. Not gonna lie, it's a lot of work. Reinfestation only happens when you don't listen and do the work (or someone brings them back in). I loved this company, I particularly loved Don. He is a no-nonsense professional that would rather tell you the truth about your situation than tell you lies to make you feel good; a trait I admired greatly. Don't waste your time for bedbugs with any other company. Trying to treat this yourself is a losing and time consuming battle. Don is great and I highly recommend this company for this particular issue, without hesitation. Thanks Don!

Terri Calabrese
Terri Calabrese27-09-2017

Very professional and knowledgeable i would definitely recommend this company to everyone who needs a pest control company

Davina Logan
Davina Logan27-09-2016

H-Tech Pest Control in Southeastern Michigan area is very knowledgeable about bed bugs! The gentleman who helped my great-aunt was prompt and fixed the problem in one visit. I was able to call him long-distance and dispatch him to her home and conveniently pay online. Thank you!! Highly recommended.

Tech came out on late notice to remove a hornets nest. Professional, fast, and less expensive than several other places I called that were booked for a week! Guaranteed work for 6 months.

Miranda Cohoon
Miranda Cohoon27-09-2015

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Mice, commonly mistaken as rats, are rodents that are commonly found lurking in homes in Michigan. The most obvious difference between a mouse and a rat is size; rats are much bigger in size and darker in color than mice. Do you need more facts about mice or how to get rid of mice in your home? Look no further!


What is typical mouse behavior?

Mice are very inquisitive rodents. They build their nests in dark, protected areas, and tend to find home in grassy and wooded areas, as well as farm fields. They are opportunistic feeders who will eat anything, but they prefer seeds and nuts. They typically gain entrance to your home when temperatures drop, as they do not hibernate and are attracted to the warmth and smell of food. These rodents enter your home through gaps beneath doors, pipe openings, and utility lines and tend to reproduce quickly, making them a liability if they gain access to your home.


How can I get rid of mice?

One preventative measure you can take against mice is to seal all cracks, crevices, gaps, and holes larger than a pen cap with cement. Do not use wood, as these rodents can chew through it. Cleanliness is also a factor with mouse infestations. Be sure to seal all food in a glass or metal container with a tight lid, and also make sure to wash dishes after use. A major hydration source for these rodents is from scavenged food particles, so keeping crumbs and food morsels off of floors and counter-tops can also help keep them out. However, if mice have already invaded your home, these preventative measures will not help. At that point, it is highly suggested that you call your pest control professional to help exterminate the problem. At Hi-Tech Pest Control, we have the specialized equipment and knowledge to eradicate your mice infestation. Call us today or schedule your free inspection!


How do I know there are mice in my house?

Mice leave a lot of evidence behind indicating their presence. The most obvious indication is the presence of mouse droppings. These pellets are approximately 3 to 6 mm long and rod shaped with pointed ends. They also leave footprints behind when they are scurrying around your home. These rodents also leave evidence of their gnawing and chewing, particularly wood shavings and teeth marks. They also make sounds, especially at night, where they can be heard running and gnawing and sometimes even squeaking. Finally, these rodents communicate with their urine, so there is a possibility that you may smell a distinctive odor if there is a large mouse population present.

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